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Capital Equipment Consultancy - Defama
Consultancy Process
The consultancy process that the Defama team use has been developed to result in a dealer plan of actions and objectives that you can commit too. During this process we strive to meet our core values: Committed - Honourable - Adaptable - Progressive.

Our dealer plans are designed in collaboration with the client and are based on the practical experience the Defama team has harvested.

Our client specific plans are developed and designed to address specific areas of a business and we are committed to reviewing and updating these plans with our clients as part of the on-going consultancy process.  

Our proven consultancy process follows four main steps:                      

1. Dealer Health Check Visit
2. Dealer Health Check Report
3. Dealer Health Check Review Meeting
4. Quarterly Progress Review Meetings

Following these steps gives our clients a clear path to follow.  In our experience this process results in a clear path of direction and meaningful change within a business.
Bespoke packages to suit the needs of the individual, rather than ‘off the shelf’ solutions.
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Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Measurement Process
As part of our consultancy service, we offer to help track and monitor key performance indicators on behalf of dealers.  The day-to-day management of a dealer business can be draining and complex. Finding the time to not only calculate but then read and process the KPIs for the business can be tough. Utilising our service and expertise, we take the stress out of this process.

Participating dealers send us their raw data on a monthly or quarterly basis.  We then process this data to calculate the KPIs for the business and respond with a report charting progress month to month using simple to read graphs.  All data is kept securely and is handled in a confidential manner.   

Dealers who use this service have found that it reinforces their management decisions and provides them with a benchmark position with which they can judge future performance.  It also saves them time and takes the stress out of monitoring the KPIs in their business.
Bespoke training and e-learning
The Defama team has developed to deliver consistently high standard training courses across a wide range of markets and languages.